GDDR6 and the New Era of Mining (Episode 13)


GDDR6 Memory from SK hynix has debuted at NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference 2018 and it will be a gamechanger for mining altcoins. Not only will there be an architectural difference in the way that the next-generation of GPUs are produced, but they will also be paired with memory twice as fast as GDDR5, a major component in the calculation ability for mining cryptocurrency algorithms. Bitmain’s recent debut of alternative cryptocurrency ASIC miners will now have a new standard of computation that they have to measure against.

NVIDIA has made no major announcements on the GTX 11XX (or possibly GTX 20XX) series Graphic Cards that are speculated to be available June or July of this year. As of right now, the only confirmation that there will be NVIDIA graphics cards with GDDR6 is that SK hynix has confirmed that they are going into mass production with GDDR6 memory modules and that they were presenting at NVIDIA’s conference.

NVIDIA did comment one new GPU that will be released. To the average miner, NVIDIA’s DGX-2 may not be the most intriguing of GPUs, however it will be the largest and fastest GPU in production and available on the consumer market. This will be the fastest cryptocurrency miner available for altcoins without ASICs. It also comes at a price tag of about $400,000 USD.

Will NIVIDAs new set of GPUs prove a better mining experience for Monero’s new CryptonightV7 algorithm? Monero is one of the few cryptocurrencies to actively develop and produce code that is ASIC-resistant. The new release of Monero’s algorithm is quick response to Bitmain’s release of a Cryptonight ASIC. Will Bitmain respond with another ASIC, or will the reconsider their role in alternative cryptocurrency mining in spite of Monero’s development.

For more information about SK hynix and their GDDR6, check out this article from Gamer Nexus’ Steve Burke.

More information aobut NVIDIAs NVLink and GDX-2

Official Monero ASIC-Resistant Hard Fork Announcement.

Bitcoin Time Travel (Episode 12)


Altcoins Anonymous – Bitcoin Time Travel

Bitcoin mining has finally surpassed all of our expectations and is now slowing down time. Plus, I discuss Ampere (not Amphere, which I continually mispronounce it as during the episode, not realizing the significance of Ampere and Amps and therefore further showcasing my stupidity) and Turing product updates from NVIDIA. Links below.

Kissed by DeRose (Episode 11)


Altcoins Anonymous – Kissed by DeRose

This is essentially an apology Chris DeRose. I don’t know if it is right to say he’s promoting any ICOs as much as just acknowledging these projects “check all the boxes” and qualify as valid (at least given the current environment within the blockchain community). My main contention was that DeRose’s content is generally safer for people newer to the community on the account of it’s skepticism. With Archetype, at least from the content I witnessed, there wasn’t much skepticism.

That being said, it’s fairly hypocritical for me to acknowledge the validity of projects like Archetype and Bitcorns, and not revisit my analysis of DeRose’s interview with the Archetype developers. I’m still uneasy about most of these projects, but I doubt morality is really something that should interfere with my perspective.

Moments of Clarity (Episode 9)


Altcoins Anonymous – Moments of Clarity

In a joint statement released by the SEC and the CFTC, they claim they will take a deeper look into the sale of any “digital instruments” and examine their fraudulent investment properties. For me, this is alarming, because the term “digital instrument”, is a brand new way to label cryptocurrencies. it seems as if it is a much broader stoke to paint digital assets under. Coincidentally, this statement came days after the conference, and coincides with some of the other topics that have been brought up on Altcoins Anonymous recently.

TLDR; I’m a (an?) SEC shill.

The People v. Rare Pepe (Episode 8)


Altcoins Anonymous – The People Vs. Rare Pepe
This is a very special episode. During this evening’s session, we will be accompanied by Theo Goodman, of the Rare Pepe Foundation, and Jason Seibert, of I’m Not Your Lawyer and The Church of Blerk. We will continue discussion on the auction and the legality of distribution of verified digital assets in New York State.


Pepelonious Assault (Episode 7)


This is the follow up to the previous episode The Illegalest Pepe. I discuss the NYSDFS BitLicense and how that affects the Pepe and Cryptokitty auction that was conducted by at the conference in NYC. It’s a little longer of an episode, but I go through each of the major points of the Bitlicense and how Archetype broke the law.

The Illegalest Pepe (Episode 6)

< It's been a while, boys and girls. I've missed you.During today's session, we will once again discuss and the shitstorm of drama it’s about to ensue after their latest public presentation at the conference, here in NYC.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Dan AKA Droplister from Unconfirmed Transactions and Shaun AKA King David from Junseth’s World. It was a good night.

There might be more to come from the content of this episode. Excuse the heavy breathing, traffic, and me freezing my balls off.

New York BitLicense
Pepe Auction Video

Genital Jewelry (Episode 5)


[Download] Altcoins Anonymous – Grill on my D*ck (Episode 5)

On this episode of Altcoins Anonymous, I speak about the success of Bitcoin Cash, AMD’s new purpose of mining cryptocurrency, the centralization of development, and more fun stuff. Will AMD come out on top of the GPU manufacturer/altcoin miner war? Or, have they angered their shareholders? That being said, will FluffyPony and friends change the algo of Monero in response to AMD’s claims?

Don’t Buy Monero T Shirt

Curing Altcoinism One Step at a Time. Listen along as I debate with myself about Bitcoin, Monero, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, and all the other good little shitcoins. This is a raw, uncut, glance into my mind as I try to wrap my head around the Magic that is Bitcoin. I'm most curious about cryptocurrency as a utility, rather than a speculation, and I enjoy talking about mining, anonymity, and real use cases for cryptocurrency. Join in on the discussion through the website, Reddit, and Discord. Thanks for listening!