Monthly Archives: November 2017

I deal out some apologies as well as play with whether or not forking is “good” for your blockchain of choice. Minor speculations on BTG and XMR. And, does Globee bring FluffyPony and Monero out of the “Science Experiment” phase?

Contingency Plan (Episode 3)

Rebuttals to Rebuttals from episode 1 as well as some quick updates on Bitcoin Gold and trying to get situated before it goes on the Livenet.

GPUGOLD (Episode 2)

his started from a conversation I was having with John Carvalho a.k.a BitcoinErrorLog about the possibility of Bitcoin being replaced with "Bitcoin", or Bitcoin alternatives, and whether or not it would be appropriate to call a fork or alt of Bitcoin, "Bitcoin", if enough people use. I believe if in fact the utility of today's Bitcoin-Core is usurped by an alternative, although it wouldn't be Bitcoin, it could be "Bitcoin". "Bitcoin" or the idea and culture of Bitcoin is more than just Bitcoin-Core. Many are reliant on multiple forms of cryptocurrencies in accompaniment to Bitcoin to complete transactions. Even something like Dogecoin plays a significant role in the way value is moved around exchanges. Although liquidity is generally accepted as Bitcoin's purpose, perhaps other currencies serve other roles that Bitcoin's prosperity depends on. 

I like my Coke with Sugar (Episode 1)