Monthly Archives: December 2017

On this episode of Altcoins Anonymous, I speak about the success of Bitcoin Cash, AMD's new purpose of mining cryptocurrency, the centralization of development, and more fun stuff. Will AMD come out on top of the GPU manufacturer/shitcoin miner war? Or, have thy pissed off their shareholders? That being said, will FluffyPony and friends change the algo of Monero in response to AMD's claims?

Genital Jewelry (Episode 5)

This episode is a critique of Chris DeRose's recent installment of DeRose Uncensored, where Chris interviews members of the Archetype project, found at Archetype is a tokenized meme economy where people can exchange memes on Ethereum. In fact, it's pretty much a Rare Pepe/ PepeCash clone. Honestly, I don't even want to type out some the bullshit that I listened to, just because it will dignify the project with some credibility, and subsequently come up in a google search result. However, it would seems as if during the entirety of the interview, DeRose was pumping Archetype. As an audience member, it's disappointing for me to see horrible projects like Archetype be put on an equal platform as Bitcoin. I don't appreciate DeRose trivializing many of the aspects that make blockchain technology interesting. I couldn't tell if I was overreacting, but to me the joke wasn't delivered in way that is safe for an unsuspecting audience. Luckily, I've been around to see Rare Pepe and understand stupid shit can comes out of this. But, a new and unsuspecting audience member that is unfamiliar with some of the eccentric history of Bitcoin could easily get lost in the message that was being portrayed. Chris seemed to think people were freaking out in the chat, but it really seems like this wasn't a funny joke that he's going to try to benefit monetarily from this eventually.

Memenomics (Episode 4)