Monthly Archives: January 2018

Altcoins Anonymous – Moments of Clarity In a joint statement released by the SEC and the CFTC, they claim they will take a deeper look into the sale of any “digital instruments” and examine their fraudulent investment properties. For me, this is alarming, because the term “digital instrument”, is a […]

Moments of Clarity (Episode 9)

  Altcoins Anonymous – The People Vs. Rare Pepe   This is a very special episode. During this evening’s session, we will be accompanied by Theo Goodman, of the Rare Pepe Foundation, and Jason Seibert, of I’m Not Your Lawyer and The Church of Blerk. We will continue discussion on […]

The People Vs. Rare Pepe (Episode 8)

This is the follow up to the previous episode The Illegalest Pepe. I discuss the NYSDFS BitLicense and how that affects the Pepe and Cryptokitty auction that was conducted by at the conference in NYC. It’s a little longer of an episode, but I go through each of […]

Pepelonious Assault (Episode 7)

It’s been a while, boys and girls. I’ve missed you. During today’s session, we will once again discuss and the shitstorm of drama it’s about to ensue after their latest public presentation at the conference, here in NYC. I also had the pleasure of meeting Dan AKA Droplister […]

The Illegalest Pepe (Episode 6)