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Kissed by DeRose (Episode 11)


Altcoins Anonymous – Kissed by DeRose

This is essentially an apology Chris DeRose. I don’t know if it is right to say he’s promoting any ICOs as much as just acknowledging these projects “check all the boxes” and qualify as valid (at least given the current environment within the blockchain community). My main contention was that DeRose’s content is generally safer for people newer to the community on the account of it’s skepticism. With Archetype, at least from the content I witnessed, there wasn’t much skepticism.

That being said, it’s fairly hypocritical for me to acknowledge the validity of projects like Archetype and Bitcorns, and not revisit my analysis of DeRose’s interview with the Archetype developers. I’m still uneasy about most of these projects, but I doubt morality is really something that should interfere with my perspective.