I like my Coke with Sugar (Episode 1)


[Download] Altcoins Anonymous – I Like My Coke with Sugar (Episode 1)

This started from a conversation I was having with John Carvalho a.k.a BitcoinErrorLog about the possibility of Bitcoin being replaced with “Bitcoin”, or Bitcoin alternatives, and whether or not it would be appropriate to call a fork or alt of Bitcoin, “Bitcoin”, if enough people use. I believe if in fact the utility of today’s Bitcoin-Core is usurped by an alternative, although it wouldn’t be Bitcoin, it could be “Bitcoin”. “Bitcoin” or the idea and culture of Bitcoin is more than just Bitcoin-Core. Many are reliant on multiple forms of cryptocurrencies in accompaniment to Bitcoin to complete transactions. Even something like Dogecoin plays a significant role in the way value is moved around exchanges. Although liquidity is generally accepted as Bitcoin’s purpose, perhaps other currencies serve other roles that Bitcoin’s prosperity depends on.

I didn’t plan for this to be the first episode.

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