The 12 Steps

12-step-meetingThe 12 Steps were created by the founders of Altcoins Anonymous to establish guidelines for the best way to overcome an addiction to shitcoins. The program gained much success in its early years, providing a platform for other addiction support groups targeting Eth addicts and Monero Launderers.

The 12 Steps are your best friend. They are your life. You must master them. There are many steps like them, but these steps are yours to take.

The 12 Steps are like a new religion, and Blockchain Jesus is your lord and savior.

The 12 Steps of Altcoins Anonymous
Because recovery is a lifelong process, there‚Äôs no wrong way to approach the 12 Steps as the participant tries to figure out what works best for their individual needs. In fact, most participants find that they will need to revisit some steps or even tackle more than one of the steps at a time. Some don’t tackle any steps at all.